Saturday, November 20, 2010

An Eater Devil fruits type Zoan

rob luci-one piece
Rob Lucci
Devil fruit: Neko-Neko
Ability : leopard turned into a human being so that his strength increased multiple fold.

jyabura-one piece
Devil fruit: Inu-Inu
Ability : turn into a wolf so many times fold increase strength.

kaku-one piece
Devil fruit: Ushi-Ushi
Ability : turned into a giraffe so that its strength increased multiple fold.

pell-one piece
Devil fruit: Tori-Tori
Ability : turned into eagles and half eagles.

tony tony copper
Tony Tony Chopper
Devil fruit: Hito-Hito
Ability : Of the deer turn into humans, could alter the shape of humans and animals spoke the language.
dalton-one piece
Devil fruit: Ushi-Ushi
Ability : Turned into a bison, which increases its strength doubled.

chaka-one piece
Devil fruit: Inu-Inu
Ability : Turned into a jackal thus increasing its strength doubled.

funkfried-one piece
Devil fruit: Zou-Zou
Ability : of elephants turn into swords great.

Ms.Merry Christmas
Ms.Merry Christmas
Devil fruit: Mogu-Mogu
Ability : Land turned into mice so that they can move freely in the soil.

lasso-one piece
Devil fruit: unknow
Ability : Of dog ball thrower that became a weapon to be human bombs.

pierre-one piece
Devil fruit: Uma-Uma
Ability : From birds to horses and flying horse.

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