Saturday, November 20, 2010

An Eater Devil fruits type Logia

admiral akainu
Admiral Akainu
Devil Fruit: unknow yet
Ability : transform themselves into magma, magma capable of removing from his body and shooter.

admiral aokiji
Admiral Aokiji
Devil Fruit: Hie-Hie
Ability : Transform yourself into ice and ice control

admiral kizaru
Admiral Kizaru
Devil Fruit: Pika-Pika
Ability : be Changed light, controlling light and can be as fast as light

god enel
God Enel
Devil Fruit: Goro-Goro
Ability : Changed into a thunderstorm, lightning Controlling.

marshall d teach
Marshall D. Teach
Devil Fruit: Yami-Yami
Ability : Controls and sucking darkness devil fruit power

portogas d ace
Portgas D. Ace
Devil Fruit: Mera-Mera
Ability : Controlling fire and change the body into the fire, weak against a hotter.

Devil Fruit: Moku-Moku
Ability : Turned into smoke, smoke Controlling.

Devil Fruit: Suna-Suna
Ability : Changed become sand, sand Controlling.

general gasparade
General Gasparade
Devil Fruit: Ame-Ame
Ability : Changing yourself into a syrup which could

honey queen
Honey Queen
Devil Fruit: Toro-Toro
Ability : Changing a water body can and control it pink

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