Sunday, November 21, 2010

An Eater Devil fruits type Paramecia

mr.1 daz bone
Mr.1 Daz Bone
Devil fruit : Supa-Supa
Ability : makes his limbs could also be iron or sword

Mr.2 Bon Kurei
Mr.2 Bon Kurei
Devil fruit : Mane-Mane
Ability : Can Be Changed who has ever touched

m.3-one piece
Devil fruit : Doru-Doru
Ability : Produce wax from his body and control to be in accordance with he wishes

mr.5 one piece
Devil fruit : Bomu-Bomu
Ability : make all the body into a bomb
Devil fruit : Horo-Horo
Ability : Using the power of ghosts, which makes the shrunken guts

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