Friday, December 3, 2010

Sticks Nami Chan

nami chan x anime one piece
Nami Chan and His Stick "Clima Tact"
Nami wore stick weapon called Clima Tact
Actually, this stick is the usual wooden stick which is not really effective to fight. This staff consists of 3 parts that can be dismantled. Nami even frontier agents ever to defeat a member Baroque Works, Miss.Valentine using this stick
Nami was not a powerful fighter in this group, although he has a stick as a weapon. In the story Arabasta, Usopp Nami made a new rod which was adapted from the previous form (can be dismantled into three, called the Clima Tact, that the three parts can generate heat ball (ball hot), cool ball (winter ball), and the thunder ball (ball electricity .) Actually, this weapon is a weapon joke. But Nami can turn them into deadly weapons with the knowledge that can beat klimatologinya Miss Double Finger, the third most powerful person in BW with Tornado Tempo. Last time Nami use this rod is before a trip to Arabasta, because he has asked Usopp to make new weapons more powerful than the previous.

nami chan x anime one piece
Nami Chan Picture
with she weapon Clima Tact

nami chan x anime one piece
Nami Picture Anime One Piece

nami chan x anime one piece
The cat Nami Chan

nami chan x anime one piece
Nami whit New Weapon Clima Tact
At the end of Skypiea, Usopp modify the Clima Tact Dial acquired and introduced to the story of Water Seven, named Perfect Clima Tact. Thunderbolt Tempo on this very powerful new weapons to kill hundreds in Enies Lobby.Nami navy has value 16 million berries after the events in ennies lobby. Kick
frequently used is Thundebolt Tempo, which is making a black cloud of a combination of cool and heat charge charge (another ball and heat with cool clima tact ball in the usual, larger scale), then throw thunder cloud charge to heat it and produce powerful lightning , this weapon is perfect for the tsunami, even when defeat califa nami create rain indoors using tempo and freeze Cloudy with cool tempo ball and produce rain that is not likely to be someone other than the tsunami, and Nami was shocked when he wanted to kidnap Absalom Nami with Thunder Chargenya in Thriller Bark story and also shocked some members of the Flying Fish Riders in the story Merman Island.

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