Friday, December 31, 2010

Hidetora Tojo Beelzebub

hidetora tojo beelzebub
Hidetora Toujou
Hidetora Toujou is the strongest of the Tohoshinki.
The fourth Touhoushinki member. Hidetora Toujou is by far the strongest male member of the Tohoshinki (his strength in comparison to Kunieda is not confirmed, though it can be implied that Hidetora Toujou is stronger than her indirectly from their other fights. Hidetora Toujou has an unexpected soft side towards smaller creatures and babies, though said creatures do not feel similarly towards him. Hidetora Toujou is mostly bored with weaklings and is always looking for a good fight, which subsequently leads to his interest towards Oga. Hidetora Toujou works multiple jobs and sometimes has to miss school because of them. Hidetora Toujou can feel Saotome using his demon power, which shows Hidetora Toujou has notable strength for a human.
His fighting style is a rigid brutal force, which he uses for intimidation and strength purposes. Hidetora Toujou possesses an immediate threat to anyone he faces and has shown a strong willingness to fight, even at the expense of his own body. His main adversary thus far has been Oga, and although Hidetora Toujou does show a certain amount of respect for him, it is clear that the battles they share are the only things that matter to him. Hidetora Toujou appears to possess an incredible amount of vatality and stamina, as Hidetora Toujou was able to take a full blow from Mikki without so much as flinching.
Hidetora Toujou appears to know the female horsemen quite well. She referred to him as Tora when they met after the volleyball match.
Hidetora Toujou Appearance
Hidetora Toujou is usually seen wearing a tucked in collared shirt but will also wear his schools uniform on occasion. His hair has been shown to be a redish orange thats pushed back out of his face. Hidetora Toujou is extremely well toned and usually stands at least a head taller over most of the other characters.
Hidetora Toujou Personality
Hidetora Toujou is known to be very calm and loves to fight even more than Oga. He has very good control over his emotions and is very bottled up , so no one knows what he is thinking or his opinions.

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