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History Nami San

nami x one piece hot after two years
The cat pirate Nami
He was a navigator of the Straw Hat Pirate Group and. In strawhat Mugiwara pirate adventure, Nami was the one who lead, manage, and share the wealth to the Straw Hat crew.
Nami is the navigator and cartographer and klimatolog a reliable and professional. He has the ability to know the weather and the changes (especially in the Grand Line. It can also predict the weather and unexpected storms that often appear in the Grand Line with his instincts and his body temperature. He's also great thieves and pickpockets. Like steal all the wallets of the villagers and stole the keys without their knowledge.
Nami has a dark past and until now unknown parents native Nami, he has an older sister named Nojiko, and Nami was a baby when she was treated by the navy named Belle-Mere.
It occurs when there is fierce fighting between members of the Navy with pirates on an island. At the end of the battle where all destroyed, and there was a small child is a baby named Nami Nojiko carry over to the navy woman named Belle-Mere the brink of death. he intends to adopt the children. On his return to the village of Belle-Mere Kokoyashi. Ultimately belle
-Mere as mothers always taught to Nami and Nojiko to be strong, and do not forget the power of a smile. Belle-Mere also supporting Nami's dream to draw a map of what he calls a step toward the dream. They lived in Belle-Mere's house which is also orange groves they manage. Nami is also close to Genzo, head Kokoyashi Village, and now he considers Genzo as his father.
And all of that ended when Arlong directly attacked the village and collect taxes by force villagers. Belle-Mere which at that time no money could be saved by the gene. But the Belle-Mere can not deny that he has two children, who was hiding. Arlong angry and killed in front of Belle-Mere citizens are also two children. The murder of Belle-Mere considered by Arlong as an example if anyone who disobey him. Arlong who know the expertise to bring Nami Nami cartography as an expert survey and map maker. Then at Arlong Park, Nami make an appointment at Arlong to release citizens from the threat if Nami had raised 100 million berries. Already 8 years he searched for money and make maps.

* The story after separate for two years with a crew Mugiwara *

After that adventure with Luffy nami through-many-adventures, until nami teleport by Kuma, landed on the island Weatheria sky. This island is an island that specializes in weather research. Nami who had fainted in the hospital by a professor. This professor teaches Nami how to control the weather. Some time later Nami identity is known and expelled from the island of the sky, but eventually allowed to stay after pretending to cry. Nami then more intensive study on how to control the weather.
Two years later returned to the island Nami Shabaody but met pirates fake straw hats in the bar. Nami also met with Usoop and each showing new strength after two years of training.

nami x one piece hot after two years
Nami picture One Piece

nami x one piece hot after two years
Nami san picture After two years

nami x one piece hot after two years
Nami picture

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