Friday, November 12, 2010

Enemy Strawhat Mugiwara pirate Braham

braham one piece
Braham with double wepon reject dial
Braham is a very tough fighter in the sky piea. ability and speed is very great braham first he used a double weapon. Braham was nicknamed the "flash gun", which contains a weapon in the dial or reject dial. He was friends with the wipers. Braham fights with Roronoa Zoro, but he was defeated because braham underestimate the power of Zoro, Zoro but may have been stronger from it.
You can find and copy the wallpaper enemy strahat mugiwara on this label.
and you can find movie on here 'Braham'.

braham one piece
appreance braham full body
On the back have wing it's mark of human live in sky land.

braham one piece
Braham style which he will fight with roronoa zoro

braham one piece
braham when he fly to attack when he was fight

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