Thursday, November 11, 2010

Eaten Devil Fruit Foxi Silver

foxi silver
Foxi Silverfox
Foxi silver is one of the eaten devil fruit called "Noro-Noro" type paramecia, where its power could light a slow fire enemy for 30 seconds, silver foxi enemy in the race world Mugiwara pirates. of the race that every pertanding the loser will take one of his crew. Foxi silver people who are very cunning in pertadingan. foxi silver always used in ways that are fraudulent.
You can find and copy the wallpaper eaten devil fruit on this label.
and you can find movie on here 'Foxi Silverfox'.

foxi silver
Bounty Foxi Silverfox

foxi silver
Foxi Silverfox when he chalance luffy

foxi silver
laugh Foxi Silverfox

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