Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Roronoa Zoro New Word


Roronoa Zoro changed his appearance, after Roronoa Zoro thrown by Bartholomew Kuma with his ability on the Kuraigana island (the island Dracule Mihawk authority), at first Dracule Mihawk is the biggest obsession Roronoa Zoro , but the meeting on the island is to be changed, the Roronoa zoro just mastered with Dracule Mihawk.
Roronoa Zoro lived on the kuraigana island for two years, it is at the request of the captain (Luffy) of a message conveyed through a newspaper, and Roronoa Zoro two-year training with Dracule  Mihawk.
Two years later, Roronoa Zoro change the appearance of visible, after members of Mugiwara Pirate reconvened at During the Sabaody Archipelago Arc (in one piece episode 518).As seen in Figure Roronoa Zoro on this page, he's wearing a thick coat of green that covered from shoulders to bottom, a red colored belts, and more interestingly,  he has a scar on his left eye, until Roronoa Zoro to see one eye open. How can the left eye was injured not shown.


Roronoa Zoro Swords


Roronoa Zoro Style



Roronoa Zoro New Word appearance

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