Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shiryu 雨のシリュウ, One pIece

shiryu one piece wallpaper shiliew impel down
Shiryu who has the nickname Shiryu of the rain. Shiryu anime story appeared first in one piece in a story on prison Impel Down (episode 445). Shiryu beginning was the chief prison guard Impel down, but because he act that are too loud or excessive Shiryu in prison in the prison he once headed (Impel down). Shiryu in prison on six levels, the most stringent security prison in the jail.
Monkey d Luffy Until now come, with the intention of saving his brother Ace is in jail there until making impairment and make all members of the admiral hassles. because the head warden guards magelan been pressed, magelan take the decision to release former head warden (Shiryu) to help resolve the existing problem on jail, which are Shiryu. But because Shiryu already have revenge on the past, even killing members Shiryu admiral who untied the hands of (chain). Because all members of the auto focus on the problem, so ignore the other problems, such as the arrival of Blackbeard who claimed schichibukai member. Blackbeard came to have an intention to find the men and freed them and after that will destroy the prison Impel Down. but blackberad attacked by magelan with a strong poison, Shiryu gave anti-drug body and after that they make friends and become a single crew. Blackbeard succeed with his plan to get men like Shiryu and free up some pirate who became legends in prison in Impel down, and turn them into men. After Shiryu free, create chaos in several cities along with Blackbeard.

shiryu one piece wallpaper shiliew impel down
Shiryu Smoking
as one of his trademark
shiryu one piece wallpaper shiliew impel down
Shiryu and kurohige blackbeard
Shiryu is a master SWORDSMAN and is extremely proficient with a Swordman. the proof when Shiryu on release from prison Shiryu kill the pejaga Impel down very rapidly as possible in a matter of seconds.

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