Friday, December 24, 2010

Strengths and Expertise

portgas d ace
Portgas D Ace
Portgas D Ace peak strength is the strength of his Devil Fruit Mera Mera, strength Logia, which makes Ace able to control fire and turn his body into fire.
Without the power of demons fruit, Ace is basically a strong person, as well as proposed by Van Auger.

Ace ability:
  • Kagerou (Heat Haze): Portgas D Ace threw a kind of stream of fire from his hands to stop the enemy (first used to Smoker Smoker at the time wanted to catch Luffy in albasta)
  • Hiken (Fire Fist): This is the most frequently used jutsu because it Portgas D Ace, ace dubbed as "The Fist of Fire". As of this moment his nickname used by way of arms and clenched his fist ace to get out a series of fire (almost equal to the Gomu-Gomu No Luffy gun fire just this issue)
  • Enkai, Hibashira (Flame Commandment, Fire Pillar): Portgas D Ace out fire from his whole body and make the pillar of fire.
  • Hotarubi, Hidaruma (Firefly Fire, Body Covered in Flames): Portgas D Ace throw balls of fire and control the balls to hit the enemy simultaneously.
  • Shinka, Shiranui (Sacred Fire, Mysterious Light at Sea): Portgas D Ace to form his hand into the fire spears and threw them to the enemy.
  • Juujika (Cross-fire): Portgas D Ace to form fingers into the shape of the cross and fired beams from the finger of fire.
  • Daienkai, Entei (Great Commandment Flame: Flame Emperor): A powerful jutsu ace, ace use all the existing fire from his body and form a big ball like the sun and threw the ball to the enemy.
portgas d ace
Enkai, Hibashira
portgas d ace
portgas d ace
Juujika Cross-fire
portgas d ace
portgas d ace

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