Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bounty God Enel

bounty god enel pirate
Bounty God Enel Pirate
The main strength lies in the power of God Enel fruit demons, Goro Goro (type Logia). God Enel to create and modify his body to be lightning. Kick God Enel is often used is'''Volley''' and Enel can regulate their own voltage. God Enel also can melt metal objects such as gold with his strength, his strength is also used to fly airplanes Maxim. At the end of the fight, God Enel to change his body into pure lightning that is 220 million V: Amaru Enel. The shape turned into a giant and leads to more intangible Japanese god of lightning.
Another strength of God Enel Charms, the skills to be able to read the human conscience, so that Enel Luffy is able to guess the movement. If thepriest Enel could hear the whole Upperyard ,God Enel broader coverage of the entire Skypiea . God Enel can directly hear the people who oppose the stance El Thor. When against God Enel, Luffy uses movement and reflexes are not thought to disrupt spells Enel.
Eiciro Oda said that Enel prey price of approximately 500 million Berry

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