Saturday, December 18, 2010

Boa Hancock Love

Boa Hancock Wallpaper
boa hancock
Boa Hancock
Boa Hancock is a leader Kuja pirates and boa hancok the only woman of all members * Shichibukai. Boa Hancock eat the fruit-Mero Mero who make themselves have the ability to condemn someone to stone, but it must have a condition that someone where it should be attracted or falling in love padanya.Boa Hancock mengingkan not actually his title Shichibukai revoked even though he hates the world.
* Boa Hancock loving love Luffy
Boa Hancock first met with Luffy very funny they met in the bathroom who was Boa Hancock was in the shower. Luffy who fell in the tub, Boa Hancock angry from attacking Luffy with smoking-smoking devil fruit abilities but it does not work, setela Luffy ran it and immediately ordered two adhiknya to capture Luffy. That is the Middle My younger sister, Boa Sandersonia Devil Fruit eaters Hebi Hebi (Snake-Snake) Type of Anaconda and the youngest brother, Boa Marigold Hebi Hebi Fruit eaters Same Type Cobras. This ability allows them to turn into a big snake.
half-human. In the fight against adhik Boa, Luffy managed to win even save them. Boa Hancock fell in love with Luffy, but Luffy did not realize it. Boa Hancock even want to meet the demand for Luffy to go to prison Impel Down to help his brother, Ace. Luffy the only person who does not work with devil fruit power-Mero Mero.
Shichibukai is a seven-person most powerful pirate, which means also the seven gods of war at sea. Shichibukai is one of the Three Great Powers with the four emperors (Yonkou) and Navy. Shichibukai although pirates, working under the authority of the Government of the World (World Government). They were only allowed to attack other pirates and also must pay the Government one-tenth of their booty. Many people called Shichibukai is a dog of the Government.

boa hancock
Boa Hancock heart to lufyy

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