Sunday, November 14, 2010

God Enel The Human Lightning Wallpaper

god enel eaten devi fruit on one piece wallpaper
God Enel
God Enel one of eating devil fruit which name Goro Goro type Logia. Where the god Enel able to make himself god of lightning in other words human Enel is lightning. God Enel is the antagonist of the Skypiea or sky land. God enel known as the "God of skypiea '. besides god Enel has the power to generate electricity up to 200.000.000 watts, god Enel also can used HAKI (in skypiea is called by MATRA) which the god Enel able to predict the next opponent's attack. god Enel also has several subordinates.
You can find and copy the wallpaper enemy strahat mugiwara on this label.
and you can find that vidoe on here "God Enel"

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