Thursday, November 18, 2010

Enemy Strawhat Mugiwara Blueno

blueno one piece
Blueno one enemy strawhat Mugiwara in enisloby . Bleuno entry in the elite "bustercall". Bleno one eater devil fruit that called Doa Doa type Paramecia, with it Blueno can make the door anywhere, in any size included in the human body, air, water, floors and so forth. Bleuno enter the door when he made bleuno room into another dimension but he can still see the real dimension, with so bleuno in disappeared and suddenly attacked the enemy. inside story of one piece bleuno defeated by Luffy, which was first seen here Luffy using gear second technique.
You can find and copy the wallpaper enemy strahat mugiwara on this label.
and you can find that vidoe last fight blueno on here "Blueno"

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