Friday, November 26, 2010

Bounty Monkey D Lufyy One Piece

bounty monkey d luffy
Bounty Monkey D Luffy#3

Name : Monkey D. Luffy Mugiwara pirate captain strawhat
Nickname : StrawHat Mugiwara
Bounty : 400.000.000 beli
1Bounty : Monkey D. Luffy, Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates first to receive His blessings after beating Arlong at Arlong Park, and Sea Captain Nezumi, who stole Nami's treasure trove. Not long after that, private Nezumi Buy issue 30.000.000 beli bounty for Luffy's head, Nezumi provide the highest bounty in East Blue new plow.
2 Bounty : Luffys bounty was increased to 100.000.000 beli Purchase later after Luffy and Strawhat Mugiwara Pirates are able to destroy organized crime in arabasta Boroque, led by Shichibukai Crocodile.
3 Bounty : Monkey D Luffy bounty after leading an attack that destroyed Enies Lobby (which becomes the gate of the court), Luffy beat thousands of Marine soldiers single handedly together with various government agencies such as Rob Lucci of CP9 and Blueno, Nico Robins prevent execution. Declaration of war against the World Government Purchase Luffy gets gift of 300 million.
4 Bounty : Monkey D Luffy bounty after infiltrate in Impel Down to save his brother 'Ace' and then managed to escape with more than 200 criminals, Luffy go to save Ace Marineford to participate that there also exist Whitebeard. Sea war. Because the incident and he gained against the Marines, just Buy Bounty 400.000.000 beli.

bounty monkey d luffy
Bounty Monkey D Luffy#2

bounty monkey d luffy
Bounty Monkey D Luffy#1

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