Friday, October 22, 2010

One Piece 003

one piece
strawhat monkey D luffi and friends

story at the start of greatness, Glory, Gold. A Pirate Named Gold Roger also known as the Pirate King has conquered this all. He was executed by unknown reasons, but before he died, he has expressed the last word about The legendary Treasure named One Piece which was hidden in the Grand Line. 22 years after Death, A Pirate named Monkey D. Luffy appeared and has only one Goal, To Become Next "Pirate King" and Find The Treasure "One Piece". Start this Adventure Never Ending. Monkey D. Luffy, inspired by his childhood hero "Red-haired" Shanks, sets a journey to find the legendary treasure One Piece, to become the new Pirate King, and after eating the devil fruit gains the power to do so. To achieve this, he must reach the end of the most deadly and dangerous ocean: The Grand Line. But first he must find a crew.

During the story of "one piece, the second crew to compete with other pirate crews that may be malicious and Marines. The latter are the subordinates of the World Government, who seek justice by ending the Golden Age of Pirates. Many background story elements involve the balance of power between the Government and the World The most powerful crew in the pirate world. Also, Crew Craziest in the world.

on this label you can find and copy the wallpapers of one piece......

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