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yondaime minato namikaze
Yondaime Minato Namikaze
Minato namikaze (Yondaime) is a fourth hokage from konoha. Yondaime is a unzumaki naruto father and Minato namikaze Yondaime a husband of Uzumaki Kushina. Minato known as yellow Flas from konoha. Minato namikaze Yondaime teachers from kakashi but originally was a pupil of Jiraiya (Jiraiya sense). Jiraiya because Jiraiya took special Yondaime believe that Minato namikaze Yondaime will bring world peace. and end Minato in the story Naruto, Minato died as it would save her child by using a forbidden jutsu shiki fujiin (dead demon concuming seal), Yondaime died along with his wife, who previously fought with Madara uchiha.
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