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history Portgas D Ace

Portgas D Ace
Portgas D. Ace (born Gol D. Ace) was the adopted older brother of Monkey D. Luffy and son of the late Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, and his mother Portgas D. Rouge so he have name Portogas D Ace. Portogas D Ace was the 2nd division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates and onetime captain of the Spade Pirates.
Portgas D Ace first appeared in Drum Island, where ace gave a poster Luffy in there and then ran away because people eat without paying. Drum Island Portgas D Ace was raised by Garp and Curly Dadan. Vice Admiral Garp Ace adopted as a favor to Roger to give Ace a life free of the prejudice of being born from a family of pirates. Then ace went to sea to be a pirate.
Portgas D Ace is always looking for withbeard to fight him. until withberad hear it. but before the meeting withbeard, Portgas D Ace first meet with Jinbei, Jinbei blocking ace to fight with withbeard. Jinbei said the ace before the fight with withbeard you should be able tobeat me first. Until
Whitebeard heard battle of jinbei vs Portgas D Ace. Whitebeard told his crew that he alone would be enough, and proceeded to attack Ace's crew. After a fierce battle, Ace got to his feet and cut off Whitebeard from his crew with a wall of flames. Though his battered crew protested, he commanded them to run while he stalled Whitebeard . On the brink of death, Ace was offered by Whitebeard to join his crew, becoming one of his sons. Ace fiercely refused, but was knocked out and dragged onto Whitebeard's ship nonetheless. Ace's crew later came to retrieve him, though they were beaten up by his captors and abducted onto the ship with their captain.
When Portgas D Ace came to, he was already acknowledged as one of Whitebeard's crew. To make sure that his crewmates stayed alive, Portgas D Ace remained on board of Whitebeard's ship, however on many occasions, he attempted to murder the old man, though each time was repelled with little effort from Whitebeard. Eventually he gave in, tempted by Marco's description of the crew's father-son relationship with Whitebeard, and accepted Whitebeard's mark on his back.
Then one day, Teach killed his crewmate Thatch in order to obtain the Yami Yami no Mi Devil Fruit and fled. Since Portgas D Ace was his commander and the Whitebeard pirates live by a code which means they must avenge a fallen comrade, Portgas D Ace would have been sent after the murderer. However, felt uneasy about the situation and protested, acknowledging that Teach may have become too much for the boy to handle with his new powers. Despite this, Portgas D Ace demanded that he go after Teach, saying that Thatch couldn't rest in peace if his murderer wasn't brought to justice, and that Teach could not get away with dishonoring his "father". Admiring Ace's dedication to both his captain and his duty, Whitebeard allowed his "son" to go, later claiming that it was he who told Portgas D Ace to leave for the sake of Ace's honor. With this, Portgas D Ace began his trek to find Blackbeard and finish him off.
Portgas D Ace came back and met with the pirates in Banaro Island Teach, Teach here talking about Monkey D. Luffy heads prices which rose to 300 million Enies Berry after the events in the Lobby. Teach intend looking straw hat pirates who were in water7 not far from their location. Portgas D Ace also meet and talk to teach on the island who had been captain of a pirate kurohige.Teach then explain why he killed the commander of division 4 Whitebeard for the sake of devil fruit that was being targeted. Teach also invite Portgas D Ace to join and participate kurohige chase and kill strawhat mugiwara. But Portgas D Ace explained to kurohige that Luffy is his little brother and refused his offer to join the kurohige. Van Auger was first seen trying to attack Ace to shoot him but was unsuccessful because of the strength of Portgas D Ace logia, as well as other kurohige member businesses who threw home to over Ace.Then Portgas D Ace destroy the house with a tower of flame jutsu "fire pillar". The members Kurohige also no one can beat Portgas D Ace, until Teach yourself intervened and ordered to back off. Teach demonstrate its strength, namely the power of darkness that will absorb whatever it contains the power of "gravity", its power was to suck and destroy the entire city in a heartbeat except where Portgas D Ace stood up to show the Ace. Portgas D Ace then began to fight and managed to burn her body with Hotarubi Hidarmha "firefly fire and the lake of fire", but then Portgas D Ace sucked by gravity Teach strength so that he can not spend its strength. At the end, Portgas D Ace issued a greatest moment "Dai Enkai" and creating a giant wave of fire which means emperor named "Entei fire", then Teach out of darkness with great ball as well. Then 2 this power collide and cause a tremendous energy.
But Portgas D Ace lost to Teach, danTeach handed Portgas D Ace into the goverment hands. Portgas D Ace was detained in prison under water Impel Down, where the arrest of fugitives - the most dangerous fugitives in the world
Portgas D. ace will be executed in public by the World Government in mainford.
*Portgas D Ace Death

Watching the coordination of the two brothers' as they fight side-by-side the Marines, the statement Vista that Portgas D Ace and Luffy have the perfect teamwork. Portgas D Ace is Luffy's comment has got stronger. Ace said Luffy to let him close to him until that day, and jump forward to block the Admiral's Pheasant Aokiji Peck attack. Portgas D Ace was surprised when Whitebeard and Luffy announced that ace stayed behind when he shouted his captain Final Order.
Portgas D Ace seems to accept the fact that Whitebeard is determined to remain; Whitebeard asked Ace if he was a good father, and laughed merrily when Portgas D Ace said "of course". Portgas D Ace and Luffy begin to run away with the rest of Whitebeard pirates, but when Admiral Akainu Whitebeard provoke him with insults, calling it a failure, Portgas D Ace stopped and turned back. Portgas D Ace clashes with Akainu in anger, but the fire is attacks by magma Ace Akainu, so much so badly burned arm.
Akainu try to Luffy helpless, but Portgas D Ace jumps between them and take a hit through the ace of the body. Everyone looks at the shock. While in the arm Luffy, Portgas D Ace apologized to Luffy, his own failure to make the rescue. Knowing that his innards had been scorched to ash and that he was beyond saving, Portgas D Ace would like to thank family and friends for loving him with that last breath. Portgas D Ace died smiling, satisfied with his life.

Portgas D Ace Devil Fruits
Ace ate the Devil Fruit Mera Mera no Mi, a Logia or elemental type fruit, giving him the power of fire and its reputation as "Fire Fist Ace". With the power of the huge Ace Ace capable of destroying several ships Baroque Works with ease. The main style is to start a column of fire by punching, with his signature "Fire Fist".

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