Sunday, November 21, 2010

An Eater Devil fruits type Paramecia

lady alvida
Lady Alvida
Devil fruit : Sube-Sube
Ability : slimming and lubricate the body and skin

Erik the whirlwind
Erik The Whirlwind
Devil fruit : Kama-Kama
Ability : lengthen nails 2 inches and skillful use of air knife

bellamy hyena
Bellamy The Hyena
Devil fruit : Bane-Bane
Ability : Changing the feet and hands into spring

bear king-one piece
Bear King
Devil fruit : Kachi-Kachi
Ability : Creating a rock hard body and raise body temperature

absalom-one piece
Devil fruit : Suke-Suke
Ability : Can disappear also objects that he held part disappears

apis-one piece
Devil fruit : Hiso-Hiso
Ability : Talking with the animals and understand the contents of his heart

el drago-one piece
El Drago
Devil fruit : Goe-Goe
Ability : Laser creates a voice with a shout like a lion's roar

very good one piece
Very Good
Devil fruit : Beri-Beri
Ability : Separating the body and turn it into a ball's

shuuportrait one piece
Devil fruit : Sabi-Sabi
Ability : Making objects that touch rusty

sharingu one piece
Devil fruit : Shari-Shari
Ability : Changing limbs and swirling

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